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The Research 3 Project

New base

I found some new batteries. These are lead acid batteries which are rated 26Ahr at 12 volts. I still wanted to run a 24 volt system so I needed two batteries. I made a new battery box and it was too big to fit on the 16" diameter platform. I decided to use an 18" diameter platform this time. This meant I needed a longer axle. I took a 1/2" diameter steel rod over to Brynn's house to cut down on his new lathe/mill. You can see that story here:

Now that I had the new axle and the battery box I had to get a larger round plywood panel. I use scrap plywood from cable spools that they threw away at my old job. I screwed down the battery box and drilled hole and screwed down the axel brackets. Here you can see the new base and a few test fittings of a computer case:

I played with some spare wood panels and a computer case to see how it might fit.

New computer

Small computer and mock-ups
Small computer and new paint job

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