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The Research 3 Project


This robot is the third in the series. The name of this one is Research 3. I used the name Research because I was trying to make a robot that was patterned after the commercial robots. These are the robots that universities were using at the time.

Here are some examples of this type of robot:

This type of robot offers some advantages. It has a relatively small footprint so it can manuever around inside buildings. If the differential drive wheels are located across center line then the robot can rotate about its center point. And since it is round then it doesn't have corners to bang into nearby objects. This also means that there is less chance of getting trapped in a corner like a rectangular robot with a different drive arangement could do. Since the robot rotates around its center then the center point can be used as the robot's current position so it is mathmatically easier to calcaulate where the robot is.

The robot is taller than the diameter of the robot. This gives room to add computers in the robot. And it also provides lots of surface to mount sensors.

The original robot was Research 1. It was mainly a learning tool to see what kind of mechanical arangement I was going to need. It used roller blade wheels and castors from an office chair. These wheels were too small in diameter and small obstacles (like the edge of carpeting) would stop the robot.

A quick desciption of Research 1 can be found here: Research 1

The second robot was built around some wheels I found at Axman surplus. They have chrome plated steel wheels and neoprene tires. The have also have precision ball bearings in the wheels. This robot also used chair castors.

A quick desciption of Research 2 can be found here: Research 2

I like to think that each generation of my robots get better. I try to apply what I learn to the next robot. I learn better mechanical, sensor and control techniques. And as time goes on I collect newer components to design my systems around.

In the next few pages I present the construction history of this robot.

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