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Motor driver - Version 3

Version 3
An even better gate drive circuit

A MOSFET gate driver.

I have parts on order from DigiKey to try this. I plan to use a Telcom TC4427 dual MOSFET driver. So I might put two MOSFETS with their associated "free wheeling" diodes on a common heatsink. Then use one TC4427 to drive both MOSFETs.

Woking with big wires is tedious. So I want to make a simple PC board to wire this version of driver. This board will be made with a piece of double sided board material and some packing tape. The tape will be applied to the blank board and the tape will be cut away in the areas that I want etched away.

The top side of the board will have three large planes. One for the battery supply line and two smaller ones for the two motor connections. The back of the board will be a solid area which will serve as the battery return. I may end up etching hole patterns in the PC pattern to allow me to use standoffs to mount the associated drive electronics board.

Simple PC board for the dual "1 FET" driver.
(Not to scale.)

The parts I want to use for the dual "1 FET" driver.

Scoring the PC board.

The PC board after it is snapped.

Test fit of blank PC board. Notice that I added an LM317T regulator.

The board with transparent tape.
(I couldn't find my packing tape.)

Close-up of board with tape.

Etching the board.

Test fit of the etched board. I also have the mounting stand-offs.
The stand-off by the regulator is too close. The FETS
are screwed down also.


More to come. I'm adding this as I do each step... (3/26/2001)

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