Sparkfun Barometric Pressure Sensor

This is one of my first attempts to do something useful with the Sparkfun SCP1000 pressure sensor. I rode the elevator up and down at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The pink line is the pressure in Pa. The blue line is the temperature in degrees C.

You can see that it was cold in my car, 9 degrees C. As I entered the elevator room, and then the elevator, the temperature continually climbed until I went back outside to the parking lot.

You can also see the pressure was at 98800 when I was at my car. I walked to the elevator. As the evelator rose to the next next floor the pressure decreased. The second floor is approximately 98945. The lobby must be the 7th floor since there are 7 distinct levels shown. Also notice the distance between the 6th and 7th floor is greater than the distance between the lower floors.

The elevator was smart enough that it would not stop on every floor. So I had to keep pressing buttons to get it to go on. You can see the gap of time on the 4th floor is wider since this took me by surprise and I had to manuver over to press the buttons again.

So after I went all the way up and all the way back down a floor at a time, I went from parking level 1 all the way to the lobby and then back down again. Then I went back up stopping on each floor. Then rode all the way back down in one step. I then carried it back out to my car. I'm not sure what the blip is as I exited the elevator. It is these king of details that I need to track down.

This is the graph that I created from the data:

Sparkfun 3-axis Accelerometer

I also made a graph of acceleration on the evelvator. I will post that here...